A program to solve Japannese puzzels

Jappuz is a program that solves nonograms step by step and shows intermediate results graphically after each step. This allows a player to solve a puzzle up to a certain point (the point where one is stuck solving it manually) and then only see the next step proposed by the computer. In such a way the fun of solving a puzzle is not completely spoilt by the computer.

  • red square means: square filled in the current step
  • red dot means: square will remain empty (determined in current step)
  • black square means: square filled in one of the previous steps
  • grey square means: not yet decided if square should be filled or not

  • button X-stap: do one step horizontally (= determine possibilities for each row)
  • button Y-stap: do one step vertically (= determine possibilities for each column)
  • button solve: solve complete puzzle

The program is acompanied by 22 example puzzles (plain text files with numbers for each row and column) It is a windows execuatable that runs out of the box (i.e. stand-alone, read only program, no changes to the system, no files altered)