Two programs for image galleries

Features of both programs:
- No need for precomputed thumbnail images. These are generated on-the-fly when viewing a gallery.
- No images need to be scaled. Scaling is done on-the-fly.
- Video's are also thumbnailed, by loading a tiny portion of each video. Only .flv video files are shown
- You do not need to provide titles, descriptions, layout info etc. Everything is derived from directory names and file names. The layout is absolutlely minimal, leaving all space for your images and thumbnails.

Both programs expect a main directory on the server that contains (one or more) sub-directories with images (i.e. JPEG files). The name of the main direcotry becomes the name of the image gallery. The name of each sub-directory becomes the name of a corresponding thumbnail page in the gallery. Under each thumbnail the name of the image-file is displayed. When a thumbnail is clicked a large image (scaled to 800x600px) is displayed with title and three small links (previous, back to index, next).